Location and Attractions

How about enjoying a beautiful sunset at Ponte Metálica in Praia de Iracema Beach? Or just walking on the sidewalk of Beira Mar Avenue and then take some cold coconut water? Or watch the rafts bobbing on the sea at Praia do Mucuripe Beach?

A cultural tour? Then you will love the Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura. Built in an old harbor area, the Dragão do Mar has in its surrounding bars, restaurants, craft shops and theaters. You can enjoy a coffee at Café Santa Clara, enjoy the exhibits, see a movie at the cinema, or watch the stars at the Planetarium Rubens Azevedo. If your business is ballad, go to the Orbit Bar or Buoni Amici's. Or simply sit in at one of the restaurants and enjoy your meal listening to music more quiet like voice and guitar.

The rich craftsmanship in Ceara can’t stay out of your suitcase. Many products in income, embroidered fabrics, leather, pottery and straw can be found at Mercado Central, in Feirinha of Beira Mar, the stores of CEART or at Monsenhor Tabosa Avenue.

And of course you can’t miss visiting the Praia do Futuro Beach, our urban beach where at the day light, you can cool off in the sea and enjoy a great fried fish or dishes of seafood, or at night, you can hear a good music and enjoy a delicious crab prepared in a unique way.

And near the pousada are located the best restaurants and bars in the city. Among the most starred restaurants are: Vojnilô ( fish and seafood ), Assis, O Rei da Picanha (meat), Pasto Pizza ( Pizza and Pasta ), Moyash ( Japanese ), Lautrec ( French ), Pizzaria Vignoli ( Pizzas ), Coco Bambu ( Miscellaneous ), João do Bacalhau ( Portuguese ), Sirigaddo ( Fish and Seafood ) and so on. The bars are great options to talk, flirt or simply enjoy drinks and snacks listening to good music: Fiteiro Bar, Budega do Poço, Docentes e Decents, Arre Égua, Colher de Pau, Butiquim, etc.

Near the Pousada you will also find shopping malls, hospitals, supermarkets, banks, a lot of stores and fast food.

Pousada Veleiro
R. Coronel Jucá, 146, Meireles - 60170-320 - Fortaleza, CE - Brasil
(+5585) 3267-6465